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    Vegas Commercial Trucking Accident Law Firm

    According to the United States Department of Transportation approximately 500,000 commercial trucking accidents occur each year. Of these accidents, somewhere in the neighborhood of 5,000 trucking accidents results in a fatality. Trucking accidents are responsible for roughly 1/8th of all traffic accident deaths in the United States.

    The sheer size of commercial trucks makes any trucking accident a potential for serious injury or death. These commercial trucks include semi-trucks, tractor-trailer or 18-wheelers and construction trucks. The typical commercial truck on the highways weighs between 33,000-70,000 pounds, together with trailer and load. While a typical passenger vehicle weighs between 3,000 pounds (Toyota Corolla) to 5,500 pounds (Chevy Tahoe). Ordinary motorists are thus subjected to an extreme weight disparity should they fall victim to a collision with a commercial truck.

    Commercial trucking is big business. In fact, yearly revenues is in the many 100’s of billion dollars per year. While such strong revenue is good for the trucking industry and the overall economy, the growth of commercial trucks on the road makes driving even more dangerous. Therefore, trucking companies should be held responsible to the letter of the law should one of its driver cause a collision and harm a fellow motorist. Our commercial trucking attorneys and RV accident lawyers in Las Vegas can help you seek the compensation you deserve when you have been injured in an accident.

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    Causes of a Commercial Trucking Accident

    There are many factors that may contribute to a trucking accident. Such causes include negligence on behalf of the truck driver, driver inexperience, over-working the driver, driver intoxication/impairment, failure of obey traffic laws, equipment failure, hazardous road conditions and the weather. Negligence is by far the leading cause of trucking accidents. Negligence is general legal cause of action that holds a commercial driver liable when his operation of the vehicle falls below that of a reasonable professional truck driver and such breach of duty causes bodily injury or death.

    A commercial driver’s license (CDL) is required to drive a commercial vehicle with a gross weight of 26,001 pounds or more, or commercial vehicle designed to transport 16 or more passengers, or vehicle of any size transporting hazardous material that require placarding (sign posted on vehicle informing of hazardous material). A holder of a CDL must satisfy additional requirements above and beyond that for a regular driver’s license (Class C). Since commercial truck drivers have CDL they are held to a standard of reasonable professional truck driver when operating a commercial truck on the roadways. This means if the truck driver’s operation of the vehicle falls below that of other similarly situated professional drivers, then he is negligent, and thus, liable for the damages caused.

    Even if a professional truck driver is inexperienced, he will nevertheless be held to the standard of a reasonable professional truck driver. Driver inexperience can be a factor especially when the road conditions are challenging. Snow, ice and water on the road greatly reduce a truck’s ability to slow, stop and maneuver. Other weather conditions may also impair the driver’s ability to view ever changing traffic conditions. Driver inexperience may be a factor in the safe operation of the big truck and taking reasonable precautions to avoid traffic collisions.

    Who is Responsible in a Commercial Truck Accident in Vegas?

    Trucking is a big business and getting the load to market on time is essential. There is always pressure on a trucker to get the job done. However, pushing the human body to its limits can be dangerous to others on the road, especially when it is a trucker operating a 40,000 pound tractor-trailer. To guard against this danger, there are laws that limit the amount of time a trucker may operate the commercial vehicle. The purpose of limiting the time behind the wheel is to ensure the trucker is alert and is in a condition to safely operate her vehicle. The rules are imposed because the harm resulting from a large commercial vehicle crash is so likely to produce catastrophic injury or death. When a trucker violates the time limit rules and causes a crash, this evidence can be used to hold the driver responsible. In many instances, violations of these rules may be used to show the trucker’s employer is also liable for any damages resulting from the crash.

    The owner of a commercial vehicle, and for that matter, the owner of any motor vehicle, is required to maintain each vehicle in good repair. It is the owners and operators responsibility to make sure their vehicles on the road can properly slow, stop, maneuver and reasonably not breakdown on the highways. When one fails to fulfill this duty and such failure causes injury to another, such person is liable for damages that result. Commercial trucks are on the road constantly and put on large amounts of miles. The constant wear and tear on a commercial truck require much more maintenance than that of regular passenger vehicle. Failure of the tires, brakes, steering could be the cause of a deadly collision. In such a case, the owner and/or operator will be held liable for damages suffered by innocent injured people.


    5 Step Process For Your Truck Accident Injury

    If you are injured in a motor vehicle crash, including one with a commercial truck, because of the fault or negligence of someone else, you are entitled to be compensated for your losses. Such losses include, medical expenses, lost wages, repair or replacement of your vehicle, and pain and suffering. If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of a trucking collision, boating accident injury, or any other vehicle crash, you should seek medical attention immediately. A report to the police should also be given. Take names and contact information of all available witnesses, and take and preserve all photographs of the accident scene, damaged vehicles and of visible bodily injuries.

    Our team of reckless driving accident injury attorneys in Vegas have dealt with a variety of injury cases. We can provide you with the support you need to get you through the process of getting the compensation you’re entitled to. With help from our Las Vegas motorcycle accident lawyers and trucking accident attorneys,


    The Okano Injury Law has experienced car accident injury attorneys who can handle all of the complications that come with filing your personal injury claim and pedestrian accident injury claim, helping you to get the maximum amount of compensation.


    Being injured in an accident requires you to seek immediate medical attention, and at the Law Offices of Rodney K. Okano, we work with the best trauma injury doctors in Nevada and can get you the care you need when you need it.


    Our Las Vegas car accident attorneys know how important the evidence is, which is why we properly, quickly, and efficiently gather and preserve the evidence needed to get you the compensation you deserve.


    Once we take your case, we are able help with vehicle repair and an interim rental vehicle and push the insurance company to complete their investigations in a timely manner and accept liability through the detailed evidence we provide.


    Our car accident attorneys near Las Vegas seek to get you maximum compensation for your car accident. Trust our top-rated injury lawyers to provide you with expert car accident representation to get you the compensation you deserve.




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